Transdisciplinary research: competencies and how to teach them

This review of core competencies that need to be taught to develop transdisciplinary research includes:

  • understanding the potential and limits of their own discipline
  • understanding other disciplines
  • ability to communicate clearly and concisely
  • reflexivity on roles, social skills and discipline
  • process.

These are then related to the phases of transdisciplinary research and to useful teaching tools, which include disciplinary relations matrix, fishbowl, mental models for quality, project constellation and self-evaluation.

Digital poster: Smetschka, B. and Haas, W. (2013). Teaching competencies for transdisciplinary research, digital poster #640, from the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation in Canberra in Australia, online and at co-conferences in Germany, the Netherlands and Uruguay, 8-11 September, 2013. You can access this digital poster as a powerpoint presentation or pdf:

Posted: March 2016
Last modified: March 2016