Highlighting systems thinking tools

Systems thinking is integral to i2S and i2Insights Ambassador, Cathy Hobbs, is playing a leading role in helping i2Insights raise awareness and accessibility for systems thinking concepts, methods and other tools. They include “golden oldies,” ie., classical systems thinking tools, such as:

  • Viable system model, which provides a theory for designing communities, businesses, regions, and nations to be more capable of responding to a changing and unpredictable environment.
  • Critical systems heuristics, which provides a framework to help those participating in research to effectively reflect on their own assumptions about where they set boundaries around: problems, solutions, measures of success, knowledge claims and other aspects of research. It also provides a way for examination of assumptions about boundaries to point to better ways of serving the disenfranchised and marginalised.
  • DPSIR framework, which provides a way to describe and analyse important and interlinked relationships between social and environmental factors thought Driving forces, Pressures, States, Impacts, and Responses.
  • System dynamics modelling, including good practices and ways of achieving effective group decisions.
  • Using combinations of methods to redesign systems to create shared value, which combines social and environmental interests with corporate interests.

Newer systems thinking tools are also featured, including:

For all i2Insights contributions focused on systems thinking, see https://i2insights.org/category/main-topics/systems/

Posted: February 2023
Last modified: February 2023