Highlighting four videos recently added to i2S-Talks from other YouTube channels

Four great videos have been added to i2S-Talks from other YouTube channels:

  • Speaking Truth to Power, But are They Listening? by John Thwaites, which was a plenary talk at the 2021 Evidence and Implementation Summit (https://youtu.be/MRq6gskrvmM).
    John Thwaites, a former politician, discusses how evidence is used by politicians, why best evidence is not followed and what can be done to improve the likelihood of evidence-based policy. Highlights include how politics and science are different and the 10 commandments of influencing government.
  • Moral Politics by George Lakoff, a public lecture sponsored by the Helen Edison Series at the University of California San Diego in 2005 (https://youtu.be/5f9R9MtkpqM).
    George Lakoff describes the importance of metaphors and their relation to framing, where frames are the mental structures that shape how people see the world. Although focused on US politics, with examples that are now dated, the basic message about the importance of framing is still relevant.
  • A Systems Theory of Marginalization and its Implications for Systemic Intervention by Gerald Midgley, a talk for Systems and Complexity in Organisation (SCiO) in 2021 (https://youtu.be/mz0rLoxqd8U).
    Gerald Midgley presents his systems theory of marginalization, starting with a review of boundaries and values. He also presents strategies for challenging marginalization, especially amplifying marginalized voices and creating empathic connections, demonstrating connection between the central and the peripheral, uniting against a common enemy, transcending narrowly focused values, undermining negative stereotypes, and establishing rituals to reinforce the secondary boundary. He also cautions that some of these strategies have a “dark side.”
  • Applying Community-Based System Dynamics to Combat AI (Artificial Intelligence) Bias by Donald Martin Jr., which was presented at the 2021 International System Dynamics Conference (https://youtu.be/LpOZXYlQOFw).
    Donald Martin Jr. sets context for machine learning and algorithmic bias and walks through a case study illustrating the root cause of racial bias in a medical algorithm to highlight problems that need to be addressed in the artificial intelligence space. He then reviews how including participatory practices and system dynamics can be used to develop explicit and transparent causal theories to reduce biases and improve the development of products relying on artificial intelligence.

Posted: November 2023
Last modified: November 2023