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Transboundary competence involves the ability to deal with diversity and to cross the boundaries that divide perspectives. Seven key boundaries and useful approaches to cross them are shown in the following table:   Need to cross boundaries between… Useful approach 1. systems systems analysis 2. disciplines interdisciplinarity 3. science and society transdisciplinary; participatory 4. nations […]
This review of core competencies that need to be taught to develop transdisciplinary research includes: understanding the potential and limits of their own discipline understanding other disciplines ability to communicate clearly and concisely reflexivity on roles, social skills and discipline process. These are then related to the phases of transdisciplinary research and to useful teaching […]
This overview of unknowns provides a portal to many topics, including how different disciplines and domains perceive unknowns, the socially constructed nature of unknowns, the diversity of unknowns, distinguishing between unknowns, metaphors and unknowns, morals and unknowns, and managing unknowns. It is primarily a portal to the work of Michael Smithson, but references the research […]
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