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Foresight is “concerned with the study of the future” and calls itself “a journal of future studies, strategic thinking and policy… Futurists often remind us that the purpose of thinking about the future is not to predict what will happen but rather to consider alternatives. Although we cannot know the future, we can propose a range of alternative futures and make judgements about the assumptions that underpin them. Futures research provides a powerful framework and set of techniques that allow us to test the credibility of possible futures. Through a better understanding of what is likely to happen we should be able to make better decisions in the present.”

Foresight draws upon “the established tools, techniques and methodologies of futures studies (e.g. scenario planning, Delphi, environmental scanning, etc) as well as those of other social science disciplines, and will be informed by systems thinking and theories of post-modernism and complexity.”

From an i2S perspective Foresight therefore provides case studies of the application of such tools, as well as papers which describe the enhancement of tools.


Posted: May 2011
Last modified: July 2015