Environmental Impact Assessment Review

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Environmental Impact Assessment Review (EIA Review) serves “a global audience of practitioners, policy-makers, regulators, academics and others with an interest in the field of impact assessment (IA) and management. Impact assessment is defined by the International Association for Impact Assessment (www.iaia.org) as the process of identifying the future consequences of a current or proposed action. For EIA Review, the field of IA can be related to as the assessment of impacts on or of the environment (including, for example, EIA and SEA [Strategic Environmental Assessment]), social (SIA), health (HIA), risk (RIA), human rights, equity, language, technology, products, etc. With current or proposed actions, the EIA Review audience assesses how best to evaluate the impacts of policies, projects, processes and products, and how best to make decisions and undertake management activities.”

From an i2S perspective the value of this journal is two-fold. First it publishes accounts of new methods useful for research integration and implementation, including on scoping, stakeholder engagement and boundary work. Second it provides case studies of the application of existing methods to complex environmental problems.

Website: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/environmental-impact-assessment-review/

Posted: March 2017
Last modified: July 2020