Engaged Scholar Journal: Community-Engaged Research, Teaching and Learning

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The Engaged Scholar Journal “is Canada’s online, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal committed to profiling best practices in ‘engaged scholarship’ informed by community-academic partnerships in research, teaching and learning.” It is an open access journal.

The mission of the journal is:

  • “to promote and support reciprocal and meaningful co-creation of knowledge among scholars, educators, professionals and community leaders, in Canada and worldwide
  • to inspire and promote productive dialogue between practice and theory of engaged scholarship
  • to critically reflect on engaged scholarship, research, and pedagogy pursued by various university and community partners, working locally, nationally and internationally, across various academic disciplines and areas of application
  • to serve as a forum of constructive debate on the meanings and applications of engaged scholarship among partners and communities.”

The readership is drawn from “community and academic partners, educators, researchers and scholars who pursue their work in collaboration with various communities in Canada and the world” and the journal publishes “original reflective essays and research articles, review articles, reports from the field, testimonies, multimedia contributions and book reviews focusing on community-engaged scholarship.”

The Engaged Scholar Journal is supported by the University of Saskatchewan, Canada and the journal was founded in 2014.

Website: https://esj.usask.ca/index.php/esj

Posted: November 2021
Last modified: November 2021