Design methods: Design Exchange repository

The Design Exchange provides is a website “where designers and researchers share methods and best practices”.

Method categories are:

  • Build, including activity modelling, dark horse, storyboarding and various kinds of prototyping
  • Analyze, including pictorial storytelling, social network analysis, context map and powers of ten
  • Ideate, including dot voting, spectrum mapping, 6-3-5 brainwriting and participatory co-design
  • Research, including Delphi survey, POSTA (Person, Objects, Situations, Time and Activity framework) and virtual ethnography
  • Communicate, including bifocal display, video diaries, blogs and Twitter.

The website also features a range of case studies.

The Design Exchange is a product of the BEST Lab at the University of California, Berkeley.


Best Lab website:

Posted: August 2016
Last modified: August 2016