Design methods: Design Exchange repository

Purpose: theDesignExchange website is an open-source archive which provides information about design methods, along with how to use them, as well as case studies illustrating their use.

Description: 99 methods are described on the website in the following categories:

  • Research, including focus group, card sorting, POSTA (Person, Objects, Situations, Time and Activity framework) and participant observation
  • Analyze, including SWOT analysis, mind map, stakeholder maps, concept map, context mapping, why-how laddering and reframing
  • Ideate, including dot voting, various forms of brainstorming and brainwriting, forced analogy and participatory co-design workshop
  • Build, including design roadmapping, tomorrow’s headlines, role playing, and various kinds of prototyping
  • Communicate, including storyboarding, personas and 7 P’s framework (for planning a meeting).

Each method is categorised on a number of variables. For example, for ‘analyze’ these are: inputs, outputs, reflection time, time perspective, purpose and audience. Each variable is further subcategorised. For example, for ‘outputs’, there are 11 subcategories, including charts, themes, ratings, matrices and timelines/trends. These categories and subcategories can be used to search for methods tailored to specific requirements.

theDesignExchange is joint project led by the University of California, Berkeley and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) “working with the international community of design academics and practitioners.”


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Posted: August 2016
Last modified: July 2020