Decision Analysis

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Decision Analysis is “dedicated to advancing the theory, application, and teaching of all aspects of decision analysis. The primary focus of the journal is to develop and study operational decision-making methods, drawing on all aspects of decision theory, decision analysis, and behavioral decision theory with the ultimate objective of providing practical guidance for decision makers. As such, the journal aims to bridge the theory and practice of decision analysis, facilitating communication and the exchange of knowledge among decision analysts in academia, business, medicine, industry, and government.”

“Topics covered in Decision Analysis include:

  • the discussion of new or existing procedures, processes, or algorithms for implementing decision analysis,
  • cognitive, psychological, organizational, economic, policy, or social issues in applying decision analysis,
  • innovative uses of information technology to perform decision analysis,
  • issues in applying decision analysis to real-world situations, and
  • other topics that further the theory and practice of decision analysis.”

As decision analysis and decision theory are interdisciplinary, the audience for Decision Analysis “includes specialists in decision theory, psychology, economics, statistics, forecasting, artificial intelligence, decision support systems, operations research, and management science, [as well as] practitioners of decision analysis who work as consultants or as in-house experts within organizations and those who teach courses in decision analysis or decision making in general.”

This is a journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).


Posted: October 2019
Last modified: July 2020