Collaborative conceptual modelling

This system dynamics-based approach uses “pair-blending of influence diagrams and the development of dynamical models to support focused dialogue”. It involves six “co-evolving activities” summarised in the following guiding questions:

  1. What is the challenge?
  2. What is the story?
  3. Can I see how you think?
  4. What drives system behaviour?
  5. What are the leverage points?
  6. Can we have new eyes?

Activities 1-3 are designed to “foster focused dialogue and conceptual integration” and has well-tested protocols. See also the related tool “Focused dialogue”.

Activities 4-6 are designed to provide better understanding of the dominant dynamics, “identify leverage points for sustainable management action” and “construct scenarios or other narratives that can guide policy making”. These methods still require development.

Digital poster: Newell, B. and Proust, K. (2013). Collaborative Conceptual Modelling, digital poster #564, from the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation in Canberra, Australia, online and at co-conferences in Germany, the Netherlands and Uruguay, 8-11 September, 2013. You can access this digital poster as a powerpoint presentation or pdf:

Posted: January 2015
Last modified: January 2015