Collaboration across “HASS” and “STEM” sectors in water research

Shares tips for collaboration between HASS (Humanities, Arts and Social Science) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine/Mathematics) sectors based on experience undertaking research on water-related issues. Provides an analogy with marriage-like relationships, starting with “blind to the faults, keen on the charms”, moving on to dealing with differences and conflicts, accepting each other’s imperfections and, finally, maintaining commitment to the relationship and its co-creations/outcomes. A range of tips, especially to help HASS researchers create a more equal partnership, are provided.

Digital Poster: Sofoulis, Z. (2013). Sharing tips on cross-disciplinary collaborations in the water sector, digital poster #781, from the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation Canberra, Australia, online and at co-conferences in Germany, the Netherlands and Uruguay, 8-11 September, 2013. You can access this digital poster as a powerpoint presentation or pdf:

Posted: November 2014
Last modified: November 2014