Citizen Science Association (CSA)

“The Citizen Science Association (CSA) is a member-driven organization that connects people from a wide range of experiences around one shared purpose: advancing knowledge through research and monitoring done by, for, and with members of the public. Citizen science – the most recognizable term for this practice – is expanding the reach, relevance, and impact of science in almost every area of inquiry; in the field and online; through local and global efforts. By broadening who can contribute to, shape, and use the tools and skills of science, these efforts can address questions with increased data and insight, develop shared social and scientific understanding of complex problems, and open new opportunities for shared discovery, scholarship, learning, justice, and action.”

“Citizen science is multidisciplinary and multidimensional by nature, relying on new technologies, learning research, data management techniques, insights into equity and community engagement, and much more. People in this field work with rigor, ingenuity, and perseverance, but are often isolated from each others’ innovations.” The CSA connects “people across this dispersed but vibrant community of practice to foster synergies, to bring attention to the practices that strengthen these efforts, and to accelerate the pace of improvement.”

The CSA partners “with sister organizations on other continents to engage a global conversation” and builds “strategic alliances with other societies (of disciplines and practices)”, but focuses “convening and communication efforts towards a North American audience.”

The primary goals of CSA are to:

  • Elevate attention to integrity and excellence in citizen science.
  • Create spaces that connect people across a multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary field.
  • Facilitate and support efforts to confront challenges that span boundaries.
  • Build a vibrant association with an open, transparent, and engaged culture.

Membership of CSA is available to individuals and organisations. “Members and non-members alike are welcome to join a discussion listserv for sharing questions, ideas, innovations, and announcements among peers in this field.” Members are kept connected through an online platform and online services such as a webinar series, and in-person conferences, workshops, and short courses. CSA runs a blog, a biannual conference and has a journal; Citizen Science: Theory and Practice.

CSA was founded in 2012.

Journal: Citizen Science: Theory and Practice

Conference: hosts a biannual conference in the USA and usually earlier in the year


Posted: August 2021
Last modified: August 2021