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Professional Associations and Networks

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International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) is “the leading global network on best practice in the use of impact assessment for informed decision making regarding policies, programs, plans and projects.” In the IAIA Fact Sheet #1, Impact Assessment (IA) is described as follows: “In its technical guise, IA seeks to evaluate and synthesize the efforts […]
The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) is an international organization “…advancing the practice of public participation. ‘Public participation’ means to involve those who are affected by a decision in the decision-making process. It promotes sustainable decisions by providing participants with the information they need to be involved in a meaningful way, and it communicates to […]
The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) has a membership program and a LinkedIn discussion group. The focus is on improving the international community’s ability to successfully deliver complex projects. “There is a strong emerging body of evidence and research indicating that traditional, linear project management tools and techniques, while still necessary, are insufficient […]
The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is “a not-for-profit membership organization founded to develop and disseminate the interdisciplinary principles and practices that enable the realization of successful systems.” INCOSE is designed to connect systems engineering professionals “with educational, networking, and career-advancement opportunities in the interest of developing the global community of systems engineers and […]
The International Environmental Modelling & Software Society (iEMSs) deals with “environmental modelling, software and related topics”. “The aims of the iEMSs are to: develop and use environmental modelling and software tools to advance the science and improve decision making with respect to resource and environmental issues. This places an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and the development […]
The International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR) is “the peak body of the systems community. It is a virtual platform that convenes and facilitates the rich academic tradition not only but primarily of system sciences, cybernetics and complexity theory as a basis and the many vivid practices and applications set out to meet the challenges […]
3ie is an international non-government organisation “promoting evidence-informed development policies and programmes”. It funds and produces “high-quality evidence of what works, how, why and at what cost in international development.” It aims to 1) “Generate new evidence of what works”, 2) “Synthesise and disseminate this evidence”, 3) “Build a culture of evidence-based policy-making” and 4) […]
The International Network for Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity (INIT) was a network of networks which sought “to provide an international platform for discussion and promotion of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research, teaching, and policy.” INIT aimed to “facilitate communication and collaborative work among organizations, institutions, and individuals that view ID [interdisciplinarity] and TD [transdisciplinarity] as a vibrant […]
The International Network for the Science of Team Science (INSciTS) is the “professional organization for team science and the Science of Team Science (SciTS) field.” The field “is concerned with understanding and managing circumstances that facilitate or hinder the effectiveness of large-scale collaborative research, training, and translational initiatives”, including “understanding how teams connect and collaborate […]
The International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) is “dedicated to advancing understanding of the relationships among ecological, social, and economic systems for the mutual well-being of nature and people.” “The Society assists its members and ecological economists, regional societies of ecological economics, related  societies, and other organizations in such matters of common concern as can be dealt […]

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