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Professional Associations and Networks

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The Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research (INGRoup) is a network for “…[s]cholars who study groups and teams … [and who] … are scattered across many social scientific disciplines, such as communication, organizational behavior, psychology, and sociology”. The network: “Promotes communication about group research across fields and nations. Advances understanding about group dynamics through research. Advances […]
Intereach seeks “to articulate and promote the need for a dedicated career path around interdisciplinary research expertise, and to improve practitioners’ tools, best practices, success metrics, and career trajectories”. As a community of practitioners and researchers, Intereach focuses on: “Developing the Profession: Making the case for the value of Intereach professionals Professional Development: Training and […]
The International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences (IASCYS) is open to all “organizations covering or applying systems theories and cybernetics around the world.” The Academy has two major missions: academic research and the promotion of education in systems science and cybernetics at all education levels. IASCYS sponsors selected international research meetings and also organises […]
The International Association for Conflict Management (IACM) was “founded to encourage scholars and practitioners to develop and disseminate theory, research, and experience that is useful for understanding and improving conflict management in family, organizational, societal, and international settings”. IACM has a focus on: interdisciplinary theory and research; global practice and education; and being an engaging […]
The International Association for Critical Realism (IACR) has the “objective of serving as a networking or otherwise facilitating resource for anyone broadly sympathetic to, or concerned with, realist philosophy and social theory. Given the current crises in the social sciences and philosophy, it was widely felt that such a resource is urgently needed.” IACR supports […]
International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) is “the leading global network on best practice in the use of impact assessment for informed decision making regarding policies, programs, plans and projects.” In the IAIA Fact Sheet #1, Impact Assessment (IA) is described as follows: “In its technical guise, IA seeks to evaluate and synthesize the efforts […]
The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) is an international organization “…advancing the practice of public participation. ‘Public participation’ means to involve those who are affected by a decision in the decision-making process. It promotes sustainable decisions by providing participants with the information they need to be involved in a meaningful way, and it communicates to […]
The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) has a membership program and a LinkedIn discussion group. The focus is on improving the international community’s ability to successfully deliver complex projects. “There is a strong emerging body of evidence and research indicating that traditional, linear project management tools and techniques, while still necessary, are insufficient […]
The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is “a not-for-profit membership organization founded to develop and disseminate the interdisciplinary principles and practices that enable the realization of successful systems.” INCOSE is designed to connect systems engineering professionals “with educational, networking, and career-advancement opportunities in the interest of developing the global community of systems engineers and […]
The International Environmental Modelling & Software Society (iEMSs) deals with “environmental modelling, software and related topics”. “The aims of the iEMSs are to: develop and use environmental modelling and software tools to advance the science and improve decision making with respect to resource and environmental issues. This places an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and the development […]

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