Action Learning: Research and Practice

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Action Learning: Research & Practice publishes “articles which advance knowledge and assist the development of practice through the processes of action learning”. Articles are focused on the creation of theory, as “grounded in empirical observation of data and experience that widens understanding of action learning and research in professional and organisational settings”. The journal as a whole aims to help practitioners “gain new insights into their work and help them improve their effectiveness and contribution to their clients and the wider community”.

“Action learning is grounded in the approach pioneered by Reg Revans which holds that there can be no learning without action and no knowing without the effort to practise and implement what is claimed as knowledge. Because action learning promotes the creative integration of thinking & doing, theory & practice, academic & practitioner, contributors are asked to strive to hold these often diverse perspectives together. An important question in assessing papers will be: ‘Is this likely to help people in the further development of their practice in working with people, organisations and communities?’ Articles which cross the conventional boundaries of professions, organisations and communities are particularly welcome.” Wide ranging debate is encouraged, with reader responses and alternative views being published.


Posted: November 2013
Last modified: July 2015