Action Learning, Action Research Association (ALARA)

ALARA is a network of people “interested in using action research and action learning to generate collaborative learning, research and action to transform workplaces, schools, colleges, universities, communities, voluntary organisations, governments and businesses. ALARA’s vision is that action research and action learning will be widely used and publicly shared by individuals and groups creating local and global change for the achievement of a more equitable, just, joyful, productive, peaceful and sustainable society… ALARA provides a community of peers;… opportunities to reflect on and innovate practice face-to-face and virtually; access to information, training and learning about action research and action learning; access to local, national and global events hosted by ALARA and [other] aligned organisations; [and] access to networks, news, and a variety of publication opportunities…”. It was established in 1991.

The association hosts a monograph series, e-news (for members) and a Facebook page and provides various resources on its website.

Journal: Action Learning and Action Research Journal

Conference: hosts a biennial conference in Australasia, usually in November, as well as an occasional World Congress (in association with Participative Action Research)


Posted: January 2014
Last modified: November 2019