Academy of Transdisciplinary Learning and Advanced Studies (The ATLAS)

The Academy of Transdisciplinary Learning and Advanced Studies (The ATLAS) seeks “to develop new transdisciplinary research frameworks and strategies with a strong focus on joint efforts by researchers from diverse disciplines to contribute to the co-design of a global sustainable future.” In order to support this goal, The ATLAS aims:

  • “To take leadership in developing the fundamentals of the transdiscipline;
  • To provide leadership in the development of new models of learning and innovative teaching environments to complement transdisciplinary curricula;
  • To foster global perspectives on education, research and training activities;
  • To provide a forum for improving the links between science, technology, and the arts by fostering research and educational collaborations among the nations;
  • Enlighten the world with hope for green engineering and science;
  • To inspire global peace and;
  • To promote global information exchange through innovative publishing.”

It is not a membership organisation. It is a “non-profit organization providing services to students around the world.” A variety of educational resources are provided by The ATLAS including a journal, books and learning modules. They also support an educational research institute: the ATLAS-R&B TD Research Institute.

The ATLAS was founded in 2000.

Journal: Transdisciplinary Journal of Engineering and Science

Conference: until 2020 hosted a biennial conference in a global location, usually in mid-year.


Posted: November 2020
Last modified: April 2021