September/October 2015 I2S News published

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Welcome to the September/October I2S News. The News provides a digest of resources recently added to the Integration and Implementation Sciences website (

We are starting to run out of new journals, as well as professional associations and networks, to feature. That is bound to happen at some stage, but if there are any that we have missed, we would be very pleased if you would let us know.

I2S News features a range of resources which have been added to the I2S website in the last two months, and this includes:

  • Featured tools:
    • Implementing Research: Taking Stakeholder Restrictions into Account
    • Knowledge Co-production: td-net Toolbox
  • Featured approach:
    • Interdisciplinary Research: Short Guides
  • Featured videos:
    • Networking and Team Science for the 21st Century
  • Featured journal:
    • Negotiation and Conflict Management Research
  • Featured network:
    • European Association for Decision Making
  • List of conferences

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