November/December 2017 I2S News published

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Welcome to the November/December I2S News. We hope 2017 has been a productive and fulfilling year for you all.
As you may have noticed, six months have passed without an I2S News. We’ve been distracted by several other tasks, but hope to be back to our normal publishing schedule in 2018.
One welcome distraction is the success of the I2Insights blog (, especially the steady stream of blog posts from around the world. We’ve been spending more time advertising the blog to draw the excellent contributions to wider attention. We also strongly recommend the blog if you are looking for reading over the upcoming break!
In addition, we’ve been working on refreshing the I2S website (which should be completed in the first quarter of 2018) and on a fuller and more standardized presentation of tools.
Finally, you may be interested in a couple of new publications about I2S:

I2S News features a range of resources which have been added to the I2S website in the last two months, and this includes:

  • Featured Tool:
    • Stakeholder participation: IAP2 public participation spectrum
  • Latest I2Insights Blog Posts:
    • There have been 22 new contributions since the last I2S News
  • Featured Journal and Journal News:
    • Research for All
    • GAIA journal ‘Toolkits for Transdisciplinarity’ #8 and compilation
    • GAIA journal ‘Frameworks for Transdisciplinary Research’ #1
  • Featured Professional Association:
    • International Society for Multiple Criteria Decision Making

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