November/December 2014 I2S News published

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I2S now has a You Tube channel: I2S News #21 also showcases a wide variety of tools on collaboration, as well as a conceptual tool examining how scenarios plus improved measurement and reaction are better than common sense for dealing with complex problems.

The collaboration tools are:

  • Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide
  • Collaboration = Harnessing and Managing Difference
  • Collaboration Across ‘HASS’ and ‘STEM’ Sectors in Water Research
  • Collaboration: Tools for Pre-empting Discord
  • Collaboration: Individual Competencies for Interdisciplinary Research

The featured video is ‘Expert Judgment in Risk Analysis’ by Mark Burgman; this is from the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation.

Two journals are featured in this edition of the I2S News: (1) Journal of Public Deliberation; and, (2) New Water Policy and Practice Journal. We also highlight the Interdisciplinary Science Reviews special issue on ‘Transdisciplinary Environmental Science’ that is focusing on problem-oriented projects and strategic research programs. The promoted network is the ‘Australasian Implementation Network’.

Information is provided about the 2015 Executive Summer School on Global Environmental Policy from the ‘Global Environmental Policy Programme

The featured conferences are the: (1) Global Implementation Conference: Implementation for Impact and (2) Workshop on Investigating Interdisciplinary Practice: Methodological Challenges. We also note that podcasts are now available from the 2014 2nd Biennial Australian Implementation Conference.

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