November/December 2013 I2S News published

Type: Newsletter
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This edition has been expanded to include videos and digital posters from the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation held in September 2013. Drawing from the digital posters presented at the conference, two methods for assessing evidence to underpin policy and practice change are detailed: 1) ‘Formulating and Testing Propositions’; and 2) ‘A Critique of Tools for Grading Evidence’. This is followed by a resource (article) that depicts the use of focussed dialogue for knowledge synthesis in ‘Simple Models, Powerful Ideas: Towards Effective Integrative Practice’. Following this is a video resource from the conference titled: ‘Interdisciplinarity Then, Now, and Into Networked Futures’ by Julie Thompson Klein. We also outline some of the discussion occurring on our LinkedIn Group: ‘Global Network for Research Integration and Implementation’. There is also our usual featured journal, in this case: ‘Action Learning: Research and Practice’, plus two calls, one for the special edition on Transdisciplinarity of the journal Futures; and second the special issue on collaboration science and translational medicine in the Journal of Translational Medicine and Epidemiology. The Society for Risk Analysis is showcased as the featured professional organisation. The two featured conferences are the: (1) 32nd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society: Good Governance in a Complex World; and the (2) Project Management Institute (PMI) Research and Education Conference: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – In Search of Theory and Evidence, all followed by the usual update to conferences that may be of interest to I2S practitioners. You can subscribe to I2S News through I2S News (which can be found in the left-hand side menu).