November/December 2012 I2S News published

Type: Newsletter
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The November/December 2012 I2S News has been published and this edition features links to two reports; (1) ‘A Compendium of Modelling Techniques’; and , (2) ‘Policy Engagement: How Civil Society can be More Effective’; and highlights the book ‘Interdisciplinary Research: Case Studies from Health and Social Science’. It also features the journal ‘Technological Forecasting and Social Change’ as well as a call for proposals for the 2014 inaugural review issue of the ‘Small Group Research’ journal. Further, the ‘Innovations for Scaling Impact (iScale)’ network is showcased. Four courses are also briefly described; (1) ‘Dynamic Modelling: What, Why & How?’; (2) ‘International Spring University on Ecosystem Services Modeling’; (3) ‘Erasmus Mundus European Master Programme in System Dynamics’; and, (4) ‘Global Environmental Policy Programme: Executive Summer School on Global Environmental Policy’. There are two featured conferences – (i) 8th Annual Conference of the Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research; and, (ii) 2nd Biennial Global Implementation Conference; plus the usual update to conferences that may be of interest to I2S practitioners.

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