New book on ‘Research Integration using Dialogue Methods’

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This book is a systematic approach to research integration using dialogue methods in order to bring together multiple perspectives. Research on real-world problems—like restoration of wetlands, the needs of the elderly, effective disaster response and the future of the airline industry—requires expert knowledge from a range of disciplines, as well as from stakeholders affected by the problem and those in a position to do something about it. It links specific dialogue methods to particular research integration tasks. 

Fourteen dialogue methods for research integration are classified into two groups: 

1. Dialogue methods for understanding a problem broadly: integrating judgements

2. Dialogue methods for understanding particular aspects of a problem: integrating visions, world views, interests and values.

The methods are illustrated by case studies from four research areas: the environment, public health, security and technological innovation.

Research Integration Using Dialogue Methods by David McDonald, Gabriele Bammer & Peter Deane is available free online or as a modestly priced hard-copy.

Download a copy of the book flyer (193KB PDF).

Read the book online at ANU E-Press.