May/June 2018 i2S News published

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Welcome to the May/June i2S News which provides updates on resources added to the Integration and Implementation Sciences website (, as well as a list of blog posts published on the Integration and Implementation Insights (i2Insights) blog (

Resources include new tools for stakeholder engagement and understanding wicked problems, professional associations and journals on judgment and decision making, and a network to “articulate and promote the need for a dedicated career path around interdisciplinary research expertise.”

The News also features conferences on inter- and trans-disciplinarity and systems modelling. For a full list of relevant conferences, see

i2S News features a range of resources which have been added to the i2S website in the last two months, and this includes:

  • Featured Tool and Tool Update:
    • Stakeholder engagement: Why? who? when? how?
    • Updated – Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide
  • Featured Video
    • Wicked problems: A brief overview
  • Latest i2Insights Blog Posts:
    • There have been 12 new contributions since the last i2S News
  • Featured Journal and Journal News:
    • Judgment and Decision Making
    • GAIA column ‘Frameworks for Transdisciplinary Research’ #3
  • Featured Network and Professional Association:
    • Intereach: Interdisciplinary Integration Research Careers Hub
    • Society for Judgment and Decision Making
  • Featured Conferences:
    • 2nd Annual IEEE Systems Modelling Conference 2018 
    • Swiss Inter- and Transdisciplinarity Day 2018

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