May/June 2013 I2S News published

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Update on the First Global Conference for Research Integration and Implementation.

  • Dates: September 8-11, 2013, with significant pre-conference activity
  • Venue: Manning Clark Centre, The Australian National University, at co-conferences globally and online

Find out about our innovative program at [LINK REMOVED]

We hope you’ll join us in person in Canberra or at one of the co-conferences (in Germany, the Netherlands or Uruguay) or online. We also invite you to showcase your work by submitting a digital poster.



[LINK REMOVED] program/plenary-talks/

Confirmed speakers

  • Gabriele Bammer (Integration and Implementation Sciences)
  • Dean Fixsen (implementation science)
  • Gerald Midgley (systems thinking)
  • Mick Keelty (unknowns case study)
  • Julie Thompson Klein (interdisciplinarity)
  • Gloria Laycock (implementation case study)
  • Christian Pohl (transdisciplinarity)
  • George Richardson (system dynamics)
  • Michael Smithson (unknowns) and
  • John Young (research to policy and practice)

More to come… Linda Neuhauser is convening a global panel on education in research integration and implementation.

Alison Ritter will chair the closing plenary debate “That effective approaches to complex real world problems need an underpinning discipline like Integration and Implementation Sciences”. The team ‘for’ is led by Michael O’Rourke and the team ‘against’ by Daniel Walker.


Digital Posters

[LINK REMOVED] program/digital-posters/

View and discuss digital posters as they are submitted. Current highlights:

  • Michael Smithson: Integrating unknowns
  • Rick Szostak: Mapping scholarship
  • Emma Clunies and colleagues introduce the Research to Action network

Let others know about your important work – digital posters can be submitted until August 12, 2013. But the sooner you submit, the sooner your work can be viewed and discussed.



[LINK REMOVED] /co-conferences/

Can’t come to Canberra? Perhaps you can join like-minded colleagues in Germany, the Netherlands or Uruguay. You can also view and participate in the conference online anywhere in the world: [LINK REMOVED] /online/.



[LINK REMOVED] /program/registration-information/

Registration is now open. Early-bird registration for onsite participation in Canberra has been extended to June 22, 2013. You can also register to participate online or at a co-conference.

We hope you’ll join us to showcase your work, hearing from leading experts, expand your networks and help plan the future – in Canberra or online. Find out more at: [LINK REMOVED]