March/April 2021 i2S News published

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Welcome to the March/April i2S News! This is our bi-monthly notification of new additions to the resources on the i2S website ( It also provides a list of the latest blog posts on the Integration and Implementation Insights (i2Insights) blog (

We also have some i2Insights blog news to report:

Finally, it has come to our attention that some people think that an invitation is necessary before they can contribute a blog post or comment to i2Insights blog. That’s not the case! Do get in touch if you have something to say. You might also find it helpful to review the “guidelines for authors” and the new “guidelines for commenters.”

i2S News features a range of resources which have been added to the i2S website in the last few months, and this includes:

  • Featured Tools:
  • Latest i2Insights Blog Posts:
    • There have been 10 new contributions since the last i2S News
  • Featured Journal and Journal News:
  • Featured Network:
  • Featured Conferences:
    • Call for papers for the 65th Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences
    • Call for papers for the 28th Biennial Subjective Probability, Utility and Decision Making Conference
    • Call for papers for the 43rd Annual Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference
    • 5th Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching Conference
    • 3rd Latin American Congress of Interdisciplinary Research and Higher Education
    • International Association for Impact Assessment Conference 2021
    • 29th Annual Conference of the Society for Risk Analysis
    • Transformations Conference 2021

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