July/August 2015 I2S News published

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Welcome to the July/August I2S News. As always we provide a digest of resources recently added to the Integration and Implementation Sciences website. These include tools for framing and designing metaphors, a relevant journal and network, as well as a list of conferences that may be of interest.

We are also pleased to announce the publication of Gabriele Bammer’s new edited book which explores different perspectives on change, with chapters on advertising, anthropology, art, demography, economics, education, evolutionary biology, global environmental change, industrial innovation, international relations, materials conservation, media advocacy, organisational change, philosophy, politics, psychiatry, security-based intelligence and sociology. The opening chapter describes the method used to bring these insights together and the closing synthesis chapter relates the book’s insights to the assessment of research impact. Change! Combining analytic approaches with street wisdom is published by ANU Press and is available online in open access at: http://press.anu.edu.au/titles/change/.

For those interested in ignorance, the Massive Open Online Course developed by Mike Smithson and Gabriele Bammer is now in self-paced mode (which means you can do it at your own speed, but there may not be a cohort of co-learners). Register at: [LINK REMOVED AS OUT OF DATE]. Ignorance! provides a comprehensive framework for understanding how people think about unknowns, how they deal with them, and how certain kinds of ignorance are enshrined in cultures and social institutions.

I2S News features a range of resources which have been added to the I2S website in the last two months, and this includes:

  • Featured tools:
    • Framing: A Quick Guide
    • Framing: Don’t Think of an Elephant
    • Metaphors: Conceptual and Conduit
    • Metaphors: Understanding and Designing
  • Featured videos:
    • Policy Improvements through Research: Knowledge vs Politics, by John Young
    • Policy Entrepreneur Tools: The RAPID Alignment, Interest and Influence Matrix, by John Young
  • Featured journal:
    • Human Ecology Review
  • Featured network:
    • Collaborative Action Research Network
  • List of conferences

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