July – September 2022 i2S News published

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Welcome to the July-September 2022 i2S News with the latest developments in Integration and Implementation Sciences (i2S).

In highlighting what’s new, i2S News provides information and updates about three major repositories that we curate, as well as any other i2S activities. The repositories are:

  • the i2S website (https://i2s.anu.edu.au), which provides a range of information about Integration and Implementation Sciences, including a new FAQ (frequently asked questions) section (https://i2s.anu.edu.au/what-i2s/faq/)
  • Integration and Implementation Insights (http://i2Insights.org), which is a community blog, as well as a repository, for sharing concepts, methods and other research tools for understanding and acting on complex real-world problems
  • the i2S YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/i2sTalks), which provides a range of videos about various aspects of i2S.

Feedback and suggestions for i2S News are always welcome!

i2S News features a range of resources which have been added to the i2S website in the last few months, and this includes:

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