January/February 2015 I2S News published

Type: Newsletter
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Advertises a funding opportunity for “Building resources for action-oriented team science through syntheses of practices and theories” (details at: http://www.sesync.org/opportunities/enhancing-socio-environmental-research-education – closing date is March 9, 2015).

Features modelling tools:

  • Collaborative Conceptual Modelling
  • Decision Making in Complex Socio-ecological Systems: From Cognitive Maps to Agent-based Models
  • Modelling as an Integrative Method in Transdisciplinary Research
  • ScriptsMap: A Tool for Designing Multi-Method Policy-Making Workshops

Features modelling cases:

  • Drug Policy Modelling Program (DPMP)
  • Participatory Agent-based Modelling for Sustainable Agriculture
  • System Dynamics: General Model of Company/Organisation Evolution and Staff Training Needs

Introduces a new resources section: “approaches”, with three videos on systems thinking.

Advertises a call for papers for the Action Learning and Action Research journal special edition on systemic approaches to action research and action learning.


  • ‘Transdisciplinary Research Heuristics’ by Christian Pohl (featured video)
  • Journal of Translational Medicine and Epidemiology (featured journal)
  • Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies (featured professional association)
  • International Centre for Complex Project Management (featured professional association).
  • Science of Team Science 2015 Conference (featured conference)
  • Innovations in Collaborative Modeling (featured conference).

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