January/February 2013 I2S News published

Type: Newsletter
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The January/February 2013 I2S News has been published and this edition features links to the e-booklet; (1) ‘Public Dialogue and Deliberation: A Communication Perspective for Public Engagement Practitioners’; and the article, (2) ‘Guidance for Evidence-Informed Policies about Health Systems: Assessing How Much Confidence to Place in the Research Evidence’; and highlights the book ‘Converging Disciplines: A Transdisciplinary Research Approach to Urban Health Problems’. It also features the journal ‘Kybernetes’. Further, the ‘Philosophy of / as Interdisciplinarity Network (PIN)’ is showcased. There are two featured conferences – (i) Conference on Transdisciplinary Research and Modeling; and the, (ii) Engagement Australia 2013 Conference; plus the usual update to conferences that may be of interest to I2S practitioners.

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