January/February 2021 i2S News published

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Welcome to the first i2S News for 2021.

This is our bi-monthly notification of additions and updates to the resources on the i2S website (http://i2s.anu.edu.au). i2S News also provides a list of the latest blog posts on the Integration and Implementation Insights blog (https://i2insights.org).

The i2Insights blog is now 5 years old. For a review of how the blog is progressing, see https://i2insights.org/2020/12/15/fifth-annual-review/. We are now looking to ramp up the number and range of contributions, as well as the blog’s reach. For the month of February we will be doubling our publication rate to twice a week. We are also recruiting i2Insights Ambassadors to help us ensure that the blog contributes to a truly global community, as well as a comprehensive coverage of topics that are key to research integration and implementation.

We hope that you have successfully weathered last year’s shocks and that 2021 is off to a good start for you.

i2S News features a range of resources which have been added to the i2S website in the last few months, and this includes:

  • Featured Tools:
  • Featured Video:
  • Latest i2Insights Blog Posts:
    • There have been 11 new contributions since the last i2S News
  • Featured Journal and Journal News:
    • Journal of Critical Realism
    • Call for papers by Frontiers (open access publisher and open science platform) on ‘Discussing Structural, Systemic and Enabling Approaches to Socio-Environmental Transformations: Stimulating an Interdisciplinary and Plural Debate within the Social Sciences’ for submission to either of the journals Frontiers in Sociology or Sociological Theory
  • Featured Professional Association:
  • Featured Conferences:
    • 2021 International System Dynamics Conference
    • Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2021

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