Integration Insights #12 Now Available

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Badham, J. (2010). A compendium of modelling techniques. Integration Insights #12, May. 

This Integration Insight provides a brief overview of the most popular modelling techniques used to analyse complex real-world problems, as well as some less popular but highly relevant techniques. The modelling methods are divided into three categories, with each encompassing a number of methods, as follows:

1) Qualitative Aggregate Models (Soft Systems Methodology, Concept Maps and Mind Mapping, Scenario Planning, Causal (Loop) Diagrams);

2) Quantitative Aggregate Models (Function fitting and Regression, Bayesian Nets, System of
differential equations / Dynamical systems, System Dynamics, Evolutionary Algorithms); and

3) Individual Oriented Models (Cellular Automata, Microsimulation, Agent Based Models, Discrete Event Simulation, Social Network Analysis).

Each technique is broadly described with example uses, key attributes and reference material.