The I2S website is expanding! Resources now available to support I2S researchers

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I2S is growing! As part of the process of building the discipline of I2S, a range of resources have been added to this website by the I2S team.

These resources are split into two broad categories; (1) tools for showcasing concepts as well as methods that assist with integrative thinking and practices; and, (2) resources for supporting a ‘college of peers’, who interact via professional associations and networks, as well as through journals and conferences.

In order to help structure the presentation of resources, relevant resources are grouped under the three I2S domains of:

  1. Synthesis of disciplinary and stakeholder knowledge
  2. Comprehensive understanding and management of unknowns
  3. Providing integrated research support for policy and practice change

Over time we will continue to build the available resources on this website. Suggestions for inclusion are welcome and can be sent via our contact us form.