Change management toolbook

PLEASE NOTE: This resource was originally part of a structured repository on this website. It is now part of a small collection of resources awaiting updating and/or expansion before being relocated to the i2Insights blog and repository.

Purpose: To provide more than 120 tools and techniques for managing “the people side of change processes” in personal, team and larger systems change.

Description: There are three major sections covering:

  • personal change
  • change in teams, especially in ways of working together
  • larger systems change, mostly focused on organisations.

Some tools are able to be used for more than one type of change.

Personal change tools address “the skills, behaviours and belief systems the members of a system will need to be part of the change effort.” There are two types of tools – those that help individuals think outside the box and those useful for personal growth, including thinking about personal vision and goals, as well as how to remove barriers to achieving them.

Team change tools aim to help teams perform at their peak. There are two types of tools – those that “deal with different perceptions of reality within social relationships” and those that create a spirit in which teams can learn together.

Larger systems tools are directed towards an organisation, community, region or entire society and provide tools to: 1) understand the core principles and resources of the larger system, 2) identify vision, values and goals, 3) plan in a non-linear reality, 4) understand stakeholders, 5) address the complexity of a system and find leverage for change within a system and 6) work with systems that consist of a large number of actors.

The toolkit contains more than 120 tools, methods and strategies and they are not listed here. Tools included in the toolkit that are provided on this website as i2S resources are:

Reference: Nauheimer, H. (1997). The change management toolbook. A collection of tools, methods and strategies. Online (open access):

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Posted: November 2016
Last modified: January 2020