ADOPT: a tool to evaluate and predict likely levels of adoption and diffusion

PLEASE NOTE: This resource was originally part of a structured repository on this website. It is now part of a small collection of resources awaiting updating and/or expansion before being relocated to the i2Insights blog and repository.

ADOPT (Adoption and Diffusion Outcome Prediction Tool) has been designed to increase understanding of factors influencing adoption of non-contentious mainstream agricultural innovations in developed countries. It "evaluates and predicts the likely level of adoption and diffusion of specific agricultural innovations with a particular target population in mind". It "uses expertise from multiple disciplines to make the knowledge surrounding the adoption of innovations more available, understandable and applicable to researchers, extension agents and research managers". The framework behind it may also be useful for others interested in implementation.

An updated version of the software (v2.1) was released in June 2017 and an online format in June 2018.


Posted: February 2011
Last modified: October 2021