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This overview of unknowns provides a portal to many topics, including how different disciplines and domains perceive unknowns, the socially constructed nature of unknowns, the diversity of unknowns, distinguishing between unknowns, metaphors and unknowns, morals and unknowns, and managing unknowns.

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The matrix below provides a useful way of distinguishing between three primary categories of unknowns. The most familiar is ignorance that we are aware of, the ‘known unknowns’. Most research addresses this kind of ignorance, seeking to fill known knowledge gaps.

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Six main features of values are described:


  • To provide an easy-to-understand, brief overview of  ‘wicked problems' which are complex problems that defy easy solutions. 


This resource presents “…core skills of effective writing, how to write for scientific publication, and how to write for advocacy. Writing for Change will enhance your capacity to write in ways that promote action from your target audience. It is full of practical exercises and examples from the field of international development.

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