In early 2017, the following message appeared on the Inter-Disciplinary.Net website:

“Inter-Disciplinary.Net is unfortunately closing. The result of the referendum on the European Union held in the United Kingdom in June 2016 and subsequent decision to leave the EU has resulted in the termination of all scheduled events in Europe in the first half of 2017. This in turn has had calamitous consequences for our fiscal status which, as a not-for-profit network, we are unable to withstand. Regrettably we have no choice but to close.”

"As evidenced by the name, Inter-Disciplinary.Net, a fundamental belief in the value of inter-, cross- and multi-disciplinary thinking is central to the core ethos of our network. But what does it really mean to think or work in an interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary way? What distinguishes these three terms from one another? What are the key strengths of each approach and how might they enrich research and teaching? What are the existing models of best practice and how might those serve as a basis for further innovation? These and other questions will be explored in greater depth through the activities of the Interdisciplinarity Project."

Interest in models of best practice and methods is only one aspect of Inter-Disciplinary.Net's work. "Inter-Disciplinary.Net is a forum for the exchange and interaction of ideas, research and points of view that bear on a wide range of issues of concern and interest in the contemporary world. We promote and sponsor inter- and multi-disciplinary encounters by bringing people together from differing contexts, disciplines, professions, and vocations, with the aim to engender and nurture engagements that cross the boundaries of intellectual work. Our projects, conferences and publishing activities are creative and novel, and they evolve constantly as we seek out and foster emergent developments."

Interdisciplinary.Net involves conferences, publications, meetings and events. It was founded in 1999.

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Posted: September 2012
Last modified: March 2017

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