Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies (HSSS)

The Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies (HSSS) is a scientific non-profit society, with the following goals:

  1. “the growth and dissemination of methodologies and applications of systemic analysis in science, technology and administration.
  2. the recognition of systemic analysis in the public sector, private enterprises and organizations of the public and private sector.
  3. the consolidation of the prestige of a systemic analyst.
  4. the promotion of research and teaching on systemic analysis in [academic] education and professional training.
  5. the exchange and distribution of information relative to systemic analysis in Greece and internationally.
  6. the provision of possibilities to its members for professional and scientific advancement”.

The HSSS was established in 2003 and is a member of the International Society for the Systems Sciences and International Federation of Systems Research.

Journal: International Journal of Applied Systemic Studies

Conference: hosts an annual conference, in Greece usually during the middle of the year.

Digital Poster: Assimakopoulos, N. and Varsos, D. (2013). The Hellenic Society of Systemic Studies (HSSS), digital poster #787, from the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation in Canberra, Australia, online and at co-conferences in Germany, the Netherlands and Uruguay, 8-11 September, 2013. You can access this digital poster as a powerpoint presentation or pdf: http://i2sconference.digitalposter.com.au/posters-list/787.

Website: http://www.hsss.gr/eng/index.htm

Posted: January 2015
Last modified: January 2015

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