Global Community

There are thousands of researchers who undertake projects involving research integration and/or implementation. But we are poorly linked and networked. Join us in building a global community!


The Integration and Implementation Insights (i2Insights) blog

The Integration and Implementation Insights blog is the core community-building activity. The blog aims to make it easy for researchers to share concepts and methods across the boundaries of their own expertise. The focus is on useful ways to:

  • identify and synthesise diverse knowledge
  • understand and manage what we do not and cannot know
  • engage policy makers and practitioners to implement research findings.

The blog also covers how higher education can better prepare the next generation of researchers with integration and implementation skills. And the blog examines how to make research integration and implementation a more central part of the academic mainstream in both research and education.

Blog posts aim to be easy for busy people to read quickly, with pointers to where to follow-up if the message strikes a chord. Think of them as an academic amuse bouche, designed to stimulate the appetite to find out more.

In November 2016 the blog was one year old with more than 100 contributions under its belt. It had contributors from 20 countries, covering research implementation, change, inter- and trans- disciplinarity, co-creation, collaboration, stakeholders, communication, modelling, unknowns and more.


Other ways to join the global community

You can also find out more about and connect with others interested in research integration and implementation via:


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