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This system dynamics-based approach uses “pair-blending of influence diagrams and the development of dynamical models to support focused dialogue”. It involves six “co-evolving activities” summarised in the following guiding questions:

This video describes how a complexity science based toolbox, especially different types of modelling, is used in complex multiple use environments, such as the coastal zones of Australia, to examine different scenarios for sustainable fishing options.

ICTAM is a step-wise method for bringing qualitative mental models into formal quantitative simulation models.

The Design Exchange provides is a website "where designers and researchers share methods and best practices".

Method categories are:

DPMP provides policy advice on responses to illicit drug use, often using models. These include cost-benefit analyses (eg on legalisation of cannabis use), system dynamics models (eg on estimating unmet demand for opioid pharmacotherapy treatment) and agent-based models (eg on policing a street heroin market).

Describes the importance of feedback loops and how they can cause unexpected events in complex systems, using marine multiple use management as an example.

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Views integration as having “communicative, social and cognitive” aspects, relating to language, roles and knowledge, respectively.

This report provides a brief overview of the most popular modelling techniques used to analyse complex real-world problems, as well as some less popular but highly relevant techniques. The modelling methods are divided into three categories, with each encompassing a number of methods, as follows:

Demonstrates modelling scenarios and strategies for sustainable agriculture in an Austrian region. This involved gathering mental models of stakeholders, developing shared understanding of system dynamics, fostering exchange and learning, and developing and assessing strategies.

Combines system dynamics group modelling and group explorer strategy making to “facilitate the design of multi-method strategy modelling workshops”. Consists of:


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